Casting Call Breakdown

Details and Auditioning


Two Cub Scout friends find themselves in an impossible situation, where they must use their Scout training to save lives. Including their own.  


Video auditions – Accepting through June 29, 2019.
Video audition callbacks – TBD
Open casting call – June 27, 1-7pm and June 29, 2019, 10am-5pm.  Location: 6202 Bloomington Rd, St Paul, MN 55111
Final callbacks – TBD

Shooting Starts: Sep 9, 2019
Shooting Ends: Sep 14, 2019
Production title: No Place For Fear
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (25 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 4k
Posted on: June 12, 2019
Production location:  Minneapolis metro, Monticello, MN
Production Company: Virbion Media, Northern Star Council BSA
Company website:
Director: Jason Steinbach
Director of Photography: Slade Kemmet
Producers: Chad Amour, Ryan Grams, Jason Steinbach
Shooting Location: Twin Cities metro, Monticello, MN
Email: [email protected]
Compensation: TBD

Character Bios

People of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.  Please take special note to the gender and age of each part.

Jacob is a smart but reluctant Scout. He is upset that his mom and dad are forcing him to go to camp and miss his online multiplayer marathon game this week. As a result, he has a sour attitude and is known to get caught up in friendly bantering with Logan, his best friend.

Logan is a lifelong friend of Jacob’s, nearly attached at the hip since kindergarten but not as involved with online gaming. He has a good attitude about the week of adventure that awaits him. Logan is known for his big smiles and bigger heart, as he regularly serves with the Scouts to support the needs of the local community.

Ethan is a confident fifth-grader, but is not arrogant or boastful of his knowledge. Rather, he is kind, friendly and helpful to all in need. Even at twelve, his actions and attitude already reflect someone who has achieved an Eagle Scout rank. His eyes are kind and he always finds a way to wear a smile in all circumstances.

Ken is Jacob’s father.  He has a great rapport with kids, is in shape and has a fun sense of humor.
Melanie is Jacob’s mother.

Brad is Ethan’s father.  Several short speaking parts.  He is injured in a car accident scene.

Injured in a car accident.  No speaking parts.

Eva is a girl that is a Scout in the BSA.  She is not afraid of standing up for herself and speaking her mind.  The part includes a brief and funny dialog with the lead actors during the gas station scene.

Katy is also in Scouts.  She mirrors much of Eva’s confidence and spunk. The part includes a brief and funny dialog with the lead actors during an encounter in a gas station.

The first responder has a short talking role in a flashback scene where they are training Scouts on how to treat wounds on a test dummy.

Appears in final scene and has a brief dialogue with the lead actors.  They are kind and compassionate.

Appears in gas station scene.  No speaking parts.

Register for the casting call

Due to the large number of actors auditioning, we are allowing pre-registrations and video auditions.
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  4. We recommend auditioning in person if possible, otherwise you can upload your audition video using the audition sides.
Important note:  All minors are required to be accompanied by a legal guardian at the audition.
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