We are auditioning Artists and Musicians that are members in the BSA to collaborate on the title track of the BSA movie “No Place For Fear”,  across multiple music genres, including Pop, Rock, EDM, Rap, Trap… you get the picture.

Chosen entrants will work with producers remotely via Pro Tools to create a hit song for the movie and may participate in the music video, merchandise campaign and other related promotional assets developed by Virbion Media and/or the BSA.

Will you be compensated?  Yes!  All collaborators will receive rights, credit and compensation for any contribution that is in the final published work.

Noise Prodigy produce song for No Place For Fear

What we need

  • Recording of you or your band performing or singing your favorite song from your favorite genre.  Originals accepted!
  • Complete the submission with Guardian permission. (Yes, that rhymed on purpose.)

You got this.

Submit your audition today.

Film Details

Currently in Post-Production (Updated 1/28/2020)

Shooting Begins: Sep 28, 2019
Shooting Ends: Dec 29, 2019
Production title: No Place For Fear
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (25 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 4k
Production location:  Minneapolis metro, Monticello, MN
Production Company: Virbion Media, Northern Star Council BSA
Company website: https://www.virbion.com
Director: Jason Steinbach
Director of Photography: Slade Kemmet
Sound Designer:  Jared Elkin
Gaffer: Ryan Brennan
Producers: Jason Steinbach, Ryan Grams, Micala Burns
Shooting Location: Twin Cities metro, Monticello, MN

A lifestyle born of a movie.

Two young friends find themselves in an impossible situation, where they must use their Scout training to save lives. Including their own.

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